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CME-Lux Oy has supplied electronics for commercial vehicles since 1992. Our high-quality and multi-purpose products have consolidated their place thanks to the customer-oriented approach we take.

With our network of high-quality design partners we are able to offer an unrivalled combination of modern and reliable products that provide our customers with added value. Our products are designed and manufactured in Finland and are primarily intended to meet the specific requirements of vehicles, be of high quality, and have low running and maintenance costs.

Our product range consists of interior lighting systems that are easy to install and have low running costs for the duration of their lifespan. Our main focus is LED lighting, the quality of which is top-notch and designed much more with the end user in mind than is the case with traditional lighting systems.

Other products in our range include automatic battery chargers, voltage and power supplies, DC-DC converters, as well as various bespoke customer solutions. Thousands of buses have benefited from our high-quality products and can already be seen travelling the highways and byways of Europe.


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Working with partners is a key element at CME. As a networked business we work closely with raw material suppliers, component suppliers and sub-contractors, as well as testing institutions. In this way, we ensure the appropriate and correct products for our customers.



CME products are used by well-known brands such as: